Friday, January 23, 2009

Interview by Plug1 at

I met Plug1 from one of my favorite blogs,, in 2008. Plug1 takes really dope photos around the City and also posts a lot of interesting and little known facts about SF. He recently posted an interview we did, on the site. I'm honored to be a part of WhatImSeeing!
Read the entire interview.

What up Plug1! Thank you!

4fifteen Clothing Featured on Thrillist!

4fifteen was recently featured on Thrillist.

"Just as SF icons like the GG Bridge and Coit Tower are immediately recognizable for their magnificence, those who sport them on their clothing are immediately recognizable for their punificence. For gritty local gear that doesn't come with postcard aesthetics, recognize 4fifteen..." Read the entire feature.

Thanks for this great opportunity!!