Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crisp and Clean. 4fifteen.

Spring/Summer 2009 Line
This season, we're keeping things clean and crispy. White tees and one heather gray tee with simple colorways for the designs. I wanted to let the designs really speak for themselves on clean canvases. I'm quite pleased with how these four designs turned out.

Golden State Kings. Representing all of Northern Cali... we are the Kings! Comes in two colorways, both on white teeshirts. Black outline w/ gold crown (as shown above) and Royal Purple outline w/ gold crown.

Fog City. San Francisco is the Fog City. Black and white design on a heather gray teeshirt. Reps the Fog City well.

SF Sign Language. Reppin' The City with various street signs from throughout the city. Reppin' all different neighborhoods. Can you find your street?

San Franciscans Read Between the Lines. At first glance, this design may not make any sense to you. It might look like a bunch of words throw together. Look closer. If you read between the lines (or every other line), there's a hidden message. Welcome. We don't call it Frisco.

A few baby-sized pieces are on the way as well, for the pint-sized San Franciscans. Never too young to rep the 4fifteen! They should be ready in April too.

Hope you guys like em. The shirts are being printed up right now and will be available for purchase on the 4fifteen web site in April. In addition, they'll be for sale at The Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown on April 11-12 and 18-19. Come by our booth and say hey!