Thursday, May 28, 2009

Independent Hustle

I've wanted to write about this song "Independent Hustle" by Skitz The Samurida & Estairy of the ScoJourners featuring Mike Marshall, for some time now. It's a sick song and the whole meaning of the song is dope.

In true Bay Area spirit and along the lines of the meaning of this song, I feel that 4fifteen clothing is on an independent hustle... when I listen to this song, I'm inspired to keep grindin' and workin' hard to get 4fifteen to where I want it to be. I'm doin' this for the passion for passion, as well. For the love I have for the City, and for creating dope shit that people will want to wear to rep SF!

I'm hella proud of the ScoJourners, (consisting of) Skitz, Curt Sak, Estairy, Max and An Na. I've known a few of them for quite some time now... we all grew up in the City and the City isn't all that big, so everyone knows eachother. You all know how it is. ... and they have kept following their dreams. It looks like it's all starting to pay off... they should be proud. Keep it up y'all!! See ya at the top!

The ScoJourners new album should be droppin' this Summer. Definitely gonna be dope!
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