Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twitter Me This...

I've been on Twitter quite a bit lately. I admit it gets kinda addicting. It's like a constant stream of status messages that consist of no more than 140 characters per message, also called micro-blogging. It gets pretty entertaining... seems like everyone and their mom is up on there, these days. The homies Lxele and Plug1 got me into Twitter, and at first I wasn't really feelin' it at all. But, then you start to discover all these celebrities and people with like interests and friends that are also using Twitter and it becomes really interesting to read what they're thinking, doing and encountering everyday... and it's fun to share your own thoughts and encounters with others too. I've found it a dope tool to help network with others in the game... I've met a bunch of cool folks.

Try it out, for yourself...
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