Tuesday, June 16, 2009

San Francisco is...

The other day, my friend Natasha showed me this web site project her homegirl's been working on called "San Francisco Is" www.sanfranciscois.com What they do is, they go around to different neighborhoods and high-traffic areas in SF with a sign that says "San Francisco is" and ask people to fill in the blank with whatever they feel SF is, to them... and then they snap a photo and post it to their site. I think the idea is pretty dope! Keep doin' it y'all! It would be great to see them get out to some of the other, more local neighborhoods too! or... maybe use an iPhone or Blackberry or some type of camera phone and post the pics in realtime, as soon as they take them. That would be kinda sick!

Here's a little background on San Francisco Is:
San Francisco Is... started as a group project for an Advanced Graphic Design class at San Francisco State. They initially began work on specific locations in the city, and realized in doing research, that the concept and idea of defining the essence of San Francisco came about.

They wanted to find out... "What is it about San Francisco that people love and why does it continue to intrigue so many? What is San Francisco?"

... and they realized that there wasn’t one definite answer. In order to define San Francisco, a social experiment needed to be created.

Peep out www.sanfranciscois.com, they're definitely reppin' SF! If any of you get your own picture on there wearing some 4fifteen gear, holla at me. The first person to get up on there reppin' 4fifteen will win a teeshirt of their choice! Yee!


mahisha said...

Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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